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Exablate Neuro, the first neurosurgical platform for the treatment of essential tremor, the predominant tremor of Parkinson's disease and neuropathic pain.

The causes of essential tremor are still unknown, but Exablate Neuro treatment makes a big difference for patients with essential tremor, with Parkinson's disease dominant tremor and neuropathic pain. This technique is especially indicated for those patients not responding to medication ant patients who cannot undergo surgery for deep brain stimulation, which involves the implantation of electrodes in the brain.

Exablate Neuro, developed by the Israeli company Insightec, represents a real change: it uses an innovative technology of high intensity focal ultrasound guided by magnetic resonance imaging to eliminate tremors without surgical incisions, without hospitalization, without pain and with permanent and immediate results.

The treatment is carried out in a single session lasting about 2 and a half hours and immediately after treatment tremors are reduced by an average of 80 %, significantly improving the quality of life of patients and allowing them to recover personal autonomy . It is a totally painless treatment that does not require hospitalization or convalescence.

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