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Full range of catheters to manage fluid trough airways, nasogastrics, vesical and rectal ways. We have our own brands Nursia and Unomedical.

Gastro Catheters

  • Nutrition catheters.
  • Duodenal levin catheters.
  • Rectal catheters.

Respiratory Catheters

  • Aspiration catheters.
  • Aspiration with control.
  • Aspiration with ergonomic control.
  • Mucus extractors.

Urology Catheters

  • Nelaton male catheters.
  • Nelaton female catheters.
  • Tiemann catheters.
  • 2-way latex siliconized catheters.
  • 2-way siliconized catheters.
  • 3-way latex siliconized catheters.


  • Caps.
  • Conectors.

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