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Anesthesia and Critical Care

Line of solutions for Anesthesiology, Reanimation, Pain management and Intensive care oriented to the needs of the market.

Anesthesiology is the medical specialty dedicated to the special attention and care of patients during surgical procedures and other processes that may be uncomfortable or painful (endoscopy, interventional radiology, etc..). Palex offers a number of solutions such as:

  • Normothermia, fluid heaters and blankets to keep the patient at an optimum temperature throughout surgery.
  • Anesthesic depth monitorisation to keep the patient properly anesthetized.

In the resuscitation side, we cover the treatment of critical patients in different areas such as postoperative recovery and emergency and critical care patient in the intensive care unit or postoperative resuscitation.

  • Medication infusion pumps, electronic and elastomeric infusion pumps for the acute or chronic pain treatments, an example is analgesia in birth delivery or pain relief in cancer patients.


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