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Palex Medical has always given importance to the R&D, starting with the production of the first concentrate for dialysis in 1968, or the introduction into the domestic Spanish market of the first cardiac valves, the da Vinci robot,  the ventricular assistance device Berlin Heart or the oncological text Oncotype DX for the breast cancer, among other examples. Years later we went one step further in the research, development and innovation matter and we started potentiating the creation, design and development of our own products. This has allowed us to offer technologically innovative solutions to our local customers and to export this technology internationally.

We work closely with the healthcare professionals (nursery, doctors, surgeons, hospital managers and Public Administration), allowing us to gain a first-hand insight into the lastest needs in the sector and to develop those products that cover them, and therefore working for the benefit of the whole healthcare system.

R&D at PalexWe work for constantly innovation, developing and creating advanced technological solutions for our clients. To this end we have an R&D Department commited to invigorate product development, with products that are innovative, efficient and with high quality and design standards. Innovation for us is to bring added value to our company through the creation of advanced solutions that reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the hospitals.  In this sense, we colaborate with major research companies, universities and technological centers in order to have first-rate technological solutions on the first-rate technology.

Some of our most recent developments

According to our willingness to enter to international markets, our capacity for innovation makes us the partner of choice for distributors interested in making business development in their own countries, providing differenciated and innovative products.


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