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Scope of the quality and environmental management system

Management of health products including marketing, procurement, logistics, customer service, public purchasing and maintenance of computer systems. Organization and design of hospital facilities. Technical assistance service.


The Palex Group has a clear commitment to Quality.

Customers demand products with features that meet their needs and expectations. As those needs and expectations are constantly changing as a consequence of the diversity of choice available on the market and technical progress, companies must continually improve their products and processes.

This approach has been a constant feature of our philosophy during its existence, culminating in the certification of its companies in 2002 to the ISO 9001 quality standards.

Through implementation and maintenance of these systems, the Palex Group has a tool which, among other aspects, assures analysis of the customer’s requirements, establishment of quality improvement goals, definition of the processes that contribute to meeting these goals, and control of the various processes.


Progress has brought with it major achievements such as the improvements in health in general. However, it has also caused a significant deterioration of the environment, which in turn has created a number of problems, in particular, increased pollution and depletion of natural resources. This has given rise to serious imbalances in modern society which may worsen unless corrective measures are implemented in some cases and preventive measures in others, both by private individuals and by organizations.

Aware of this reality we also implemented the ISO14001 environmental management standard with the goal of contributing to environmental improvement. Thus, the standard is used as a vehicle for driving the quest for ongoing improvement of its processes with a view to increasing their sustainability, particularly in the company’s more significant environmental aspects.

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