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People are the key to our growth

Palex Medical is a group of companies wich features more than 65 years of experience in the health sector. Palex counts with the support of Apax Partners since 2023 and Fremman Capital since 2021.

One of the features that stands out when analyzing the Palex Group’s evolution since its formation in 1955 is the support it has consistently provided to health professionals, its dedication to the quest for innovation in products, equipments and systems, and its perseverance in maintaining a high level of quality in all areas of its business activity.

Fruit of this business policy, the company has always:

  • Brought Advanced Hospital Solutions to the Spanish and Portuguese health markets, with ground-breaking products and systems for use in medicine and surgery.
  • Worked closely to the professionals and to the healthcare managers to identify current and emerging needs.
  • Identified new opportunities and looked for the most pioneering products and solutions to meet them.

The excellence in our job means to constantly try to meet the needs of our clients, adapting to new changes and knowing on first hand what are the needs of the professionals working day to day in the healthcare sector.

It also means looking for innovation, which is our main job: to evaluate, discover and even develop innovative solutions and products that bring added value to the market.

The Palex Group introduced the first "Shiley" pivoting disc heart valve in 1969,  same year as we contributed decisively with products and services to the development of the hemodialysis in Spain by being the first Spanish company to produce dialysis concentrates.

In 1985 we were the first company to introduce to the market (through the PATS software) a system for patient monitoring.

In 1988, we started to market the "Jarvik" artificial heart. We also pioneered the implementation of minimally invasive heart surgery, and a year later we constituted as the first producer of ostomy in Spain.

In 1999 we formed the Key Accounts Division with the –at that time– innovative goal of concluding one-stop service agreements with leading hospitals, offering Advanced Hospital Solutions managed by a team of specialists.

In 2005 we installed the first da Vinci surgical robot in Spain.

At present, Palex is working to contribute in different fields, such as the robotic surgery, the minimally invasive surgery, the automation of processes, the oncology and the home based therapies.

Nevertheless, the best demonstration of our commitment and corporate culture is the maintenance of successful long-term relations with the companies we represent and our partners, and with our clients.

Our Mission

To understand and satisfy the needs of patients and health professionals -both medical practitioners and health system managers- by providing advanced, efficient hospital solutions integrating products, systems, technology and health services, through distribution agreements with world-leading manufacturers.

Our Vision

Be the global reference supplier for advanced, efficient hospital solutions for health professionals, developing a long-term partnership with them and with world-leading manufacturers.

Our Values

  • The customer comes first. We support and stand by the professionals who work in health-related activities with the specific aim of anticipating and satisfying their needs.
  • People are the key to our growth. We promote favourable conditions for our employees' professional and personal development.
  • We take our job seriously and honour our undertakings. We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and with our suppliers.
  • We are experts in the hospital market.
  • We bring quality both to our solutions and to our management.
  • We offer global solutions through diversification and specialization. We provide innovative solutions through new technologies, new products and new applications.
  • We are flexible and offer service excellence.
  • We are committed to growth, we study the risks entailed in the growth process and accept them.

Palex, always at your side

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