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> Spanish health will offer personalized treatments to kidney transplant recipients


The in-vitro Immunobiogram® test, developed by the Spanish biotech Biohope, allows selecting the most appropriate therapy for each patient from a blood sample.
  • This important medical advance will be presented at the Congress of the Spanish Society of Nephrology, coinciding with its worldwide launch in the Spanish market by Palex.
  • In 2021, 2,950 kidney transplants were performed in Spain, according to the National Transplant Organization.
  • It has been observed that 50% of transplant patients reject the transplant during the first ten years.

This fall, Spanish healthcare will be the first in the world to have a new tool at its disposal that will help personalize the therapy of kidney transplant patients: the in vitro Immunobiogram® test. This test, developed by the Spanish biotech Biohope, is capable of individually determining the response of each transplant patient to immunosuppressive medication; which could improve long-term kidney transplant outcomes.


The Biohope test is the first in the world capable of finding markers that allow the personalization of the treatment of transplant patients and represents an important advance in precision medicine. “Currently, immunosuppressants are applied based on clinical guidelines and are tested until the one that works is found. The immunobiogram would help select the most suitable drugs for each patient”, says Isabel Portero, CEO of Biohope and one of the 100 most creative minds in Spain according to Forbes.


Towards personalized precision medicine

All you need to do the test is a blood sample. Immunobiogram® analyzes the data and its result is integrated into a software that provides the degree of sensitivity of the patient's immune cells to the most common treatments and allows physicians to personalize the treatment and thus potentially reduce the risk of rejection of the transplanted organ. .

It should be remembered that transplant patients have a high risk of rejection, which is why they require chronic maintenance therapy with immunosuppressive drugs to control their immune response to an organ that the body does not recognize as "its own". According to the National Transplant Organization, in 2021, 2,950 kidney transplants were performed in Spain and 50% will fail within ten years due to rejection, while 60% suffer side effects associated with immunosuppressants.


The Immunobiogram® will begin to be marketed worldwide in Spain thanks to the alliance between Biohope and Palex and will be launched on the market coinciding with the 52nd Congress of the Spanish Society of Nephrology, which will take place in Granada from November 12 to 14. “Palex and Biohope share a common goal: to provide healthcare professionals with the best and most innovative products and solutions. Today we can transform the management of chronic inflammation into precision medicine, bringing hope to patients with kidney transplants and autoimmune diseases”, said Xavier Carbonell, CEO of Palex Medical.


About Palex

Palex, founded in 1955 by the Knuth family, is the leading distributor of advanced hospital equipment, technology and solutions for the public and private sectors, in Spain and Portugal. The Company has an excellent reputation in the market and is known for its capacity for innovation, quality and service. Palex has a catalog with more than 130,000 products from more than 550 leading manufacturers in the sector and has its own products in certain medical areas. Palex employs approximately 625 people and its headquarters are located in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona, ​​Spain).


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About Biohope

Biohope is an innovative biotechnology company based in Tres Cantos (Madrid), dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of unique precision tools that allow the personalization and optimization of current treatments in patients with immunological and inflammatory-based diseases. The first product developed and patented by Biohope is the Immunobiogram®, a novel in vitro diagnostic precision medicine system that allows doctors to optimize the immunosuppressive medication administered against the rejection of transplanted organs.

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