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> Palex presents its first four-year sustainability plan


The plan is at the heart of the company's 2021 Sustainability Report and reflects Palex's commitment to SDG 3: ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages.

Sant Cugat (Barcelona) 27 July 2022.  Palex has presented its first Corporate ESG Strategy 2021-2024 to drive the group's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Therefore, in the coming years, Palex will endeavor to remain a key player in the achievement of SDG 3 by fostering health and well-being for everyone from all walks of life.

Palex's ESG strategy is a faithful reflection of the company's commitment to the fight against climate change, a stance that already led it to publish its first Sustainability Report in 2021. The plan is based on three levers:

In Solutions. With this lever, Palex is committed to contributing to improving people's health with cutting-edge and high-quality solutions. To achieve this, impactful governance and ethical management are key. The Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies has recognised this commitment by awarding Palex the Fenin Innovation Award for introducing the Exablate Neuro System, the first non-incisional neurosurgical platform to treat essential tremor and Tremor-predominant Parkinson's disease, into public healthcare.

In Preservation. Aware of the impact on the environment, Palex is committed to minimising it through actions to optimise resources, cut down on and correctly manage waste and reduce emissions with a view to contributing to the fight against the climate emergency. One of the initiatives to minimise the materials consumed is the reuse of boxes and pallets from its suppliers, which are used in the distribution chain, thereby extending their life cycle. Furthermore, the boxes for Palex Medical products are BC603 quality, that accredit that 100 % of the material is recycled. The use of Porex, which is used to ensure that shipments are made at the right temperatures for the products, is also optimised.

In People. Palex's raison d'être is people and, as a result, we place them at the heart of our activities and strive to support them and safeguard their well-being.

This ESG strategy is published on the Palex website and is at the heart of the company's Sustainability Report 2021, as the second one drawn up by the company. “Over the last 67 years, we have approached innovation and digitalisation as the key pillars to improve people's lives and the daily lives of those who work in the health industry. At present, after drawing up our first ESG Strategy (2021-2024), we know that this will be the other pillar that will help us to continue improving our contribution to society and the planet, and, in turn, to be better as a group and as people”, states Palex CEO, Xavier Carbonell, in the welcome letter in the second Sustainability Report. In addition to being Palex's strategic corpus, it also “strives to involve and inspire all our stakeholders to foster, in their organisations too, ethical principles that contribute to sustainable development”, as explained in the Report.

As well as setting out this ESG strategy, the Report includes all the data and new developments for the 2021 financial year, such as the incorporation of new companies, a total of four in the last three years. Furthermore, it explains sustainability initiatives that have already been implemented, improvements in quality processes and the contribution of new technologies to improve people's lives. 

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