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> Palex success at the SEINAV 2022 CONGRESS, with 3 times more attendees than expected


Palex Medical sponsored the successful PICC-port workshop and the Bullpup mini-midline workshop at the SEINAV 2022 congress held in Malaga. Both were a resounding success and very well attended.

In recent times, the PICC-port and the Mini-midline catheters have been creating a buzz and spiking interest among healthcare professionals. As a result, Palex Medical held two events as part of the SEINAV congress to present projects, share successful results with health professionals who are using these catheters in their day-to-day work in hospitals and, above all, to exchange opinions, present and resolve doubts.

The PICC-port workshop was chaired by Dr. Bertoglio, an eminence in the field, who actively takes part and assists in PICC-port projects in Spain. Furthermore, there was participation from Gloria Ortiz, one of the country's most renowned names in vascular access, who presented how to insert the PICC-port using the tip localization technique with intracavitary electrocardiography. At the workshop, Aday Jesús García, supervisor of Interventional Vascular Radiology and Carlos Daniel Hernández, supervisor of the Day Hospital at Hospital Univ. de Gran Canaria Dr Negrín presented the successful PICC-port device implantation project, outlining the plan, the training, the management and, above all, shedding light on the opinions of the patients who were likely to have this device implanted.

Following the resounding success of this exhibition, the health professionals in attendance were given the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers, which allowed for open discussion, exchange of information and experiences. Such was the popularity of the event that seating was at full capacity and yet the back and side rows were brimming with people standing.

Furthermore, the workshop chaired by Elisabeth Lafuente, who is a member of SEINAV's board of directors and currently works at Hospital del Mar, was also very well received. Workshop attendees got the chance to practice the insertion technique and the Bullpup device ultrasound-guided puncture, a new product for inserting a long catheter, doing away with the Seldinger technique.

To sum up, Palex Medical provides support, accompanies, and gives a voice to health professionals to publicize their successes.­

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