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> First virtual congresses: CSC Week 2020


Palex Medical have participated, one more year, in the coronary and structural course. But this year due to the exceptional current circumstances it has been virtual between 9th to 12th of November.

It has been 4 intensive days, in which there have been 20 live cases, multiple round tables and a battery of complex cases. There are many hospitals and experts in the sector who have participated.

Below you can see our first virtual stand. With all the information about our wide and innovative range of products.

It has also participated  Dr. Raymundo Ocaranza from the Lucus Augusti University Hospital. Dr. Ocaranza has explained the innovations for the treatment of bifurcations emphasizing on the contribution of Biomime Branch (Meril Life Sciences).

We also thank to Dr. Marcelo Jiménez from Hospital de Sant Pau for his presentation about the treatment of long lesions with Biomime Morph (Meril Life Sciences) and the excellent cases performed with this stent.

One of the last live cases of the congress was from the Hospital Clinico de Madrid with the new Acurate Neo2 by Dr. Luis Nombela (first operator) and Dra. Pilar Jiménez Quevedo (second operator). As panelists, Drs. José F. Díaz Fernández, Juan Sanchis and Ignacio Amat. And moderators: Drs. Ramiro Trillo, Xavier Freixa and Rafael Ruiz Salmerón. Excellent results were obtained.

Many thanks to all of them for their participation and contributions !!!

Finally, thanks to all those who have made the congress possible, a great success!

Who have missed a presentation, they will be available from November 22nd  on the congress website.

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