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> 10th Annual Meeting of Heart Failure and Transplant of the SEC


The Cardiac Surgery Division of Palex was present at the 10th Annual Meeting of Heart Failure and Transplant of the Spanish Society of Cardiology

Between the 20th to 22nd of June, it was held the Annual meeting of Heart Failure of Spain, in Málaga. Unlike other years, there was a workshop of attendances where Palex had presence. The flow of physicians to this meeting has been the largest of any that have been held so far (more than 350 physicians) with representation from all major hospitals and some of the peripheral ones. They were all the Chiefs of Service of Cardiology, Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons.


There were a few theoretical talks on assistance and practices in which the attendances were physically. Our booth was the most successful, offering the visitors simulators (both Incor Excor) where they where had the chance to check the functioning and where most of the practices were made.


This Congress, told by physicians, has served to have a better approach to transplantation centres in which the various types of assistance, not only Ecmo would need.


Event program (Spanish)

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