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Tumor Ablation
  1. CELONPower System

The CELONPower System is the first bipolar and multipolar ablation system for minimally invasive tumour treatment with radiofrequency induced thermotherapy (RFITT).

The treatment can be done in open surgery as well as percutaneously.

The system consists of the power control unit CELONLab Power, the peristaltic pump CELONAquaflow III and the system trolley CELONMobile which includes an infusion stand and device fixation. The system may control up to six bipolar applicators which are operated simultaneously.

  1. CELONProSurge applicator

CELONProSurge is the bipolar RFITT applicator for the ablation of pathological tissue (e.g. tumours). The applicator may be used individually or in combination of up to 6 CELONProSurge applicators in multipolar mode.

a) Clinical Benefits

  • Bipolar Applicators: Safe, easy to use
  • Current flow is limitedto the target region
  • Automatic Power Control
  • Multipolar mode: homogenous ablation volumes (up to 9 cm in diameter)
  • High precision procedures
  • Broad spectrum of bipolar applicators, incl. MR compatible Applicators
  • Available for open surgery , endoscopic and percutaneous use.

b) System Features

  • Bipolar/ multipolar radiofrequency-induced thermotherapy (RFITT)
  • Wide range of power levels between 1 and 250 watts
  • Automatic energy control (RCAP)
  • Automatic applicator recognition
  • MR compatible applicators
  • Display of effective and average power, applied energy and procedure time
  • Microprocessor controlled performance with 3D-impedance feedback
  • Monitoring Software for Procedure documentation
  • Up to six applicators possible

c) CELONProSurge applicator

  • Bipolar electrode configuration, no current flow outside the treatment area, no neutral electrodes, treatment of pacemaker patients is possible
  • Small diameter of 15 gauge (1,8mm)
  • Closed liquid circulation for high coagulation efficacy and reduced risk of tumour cell seeding
  • Sharp trocar tip for easy penetration of solid tumours
  • Shaft markings
  • No movable parts
  • Short handle for excellent usage in CT or MR environments
  • Good visibility under ultrasound CT and MR (CELONProSurge MR)
  • Various shaft (10-25 cm) and electrode lengths (20,30,40) to adapt to tumour geometry and localization
  • Includes all necessary cables and tubings

CELONPower System

Bipolar and Multipolar Technique

Thanks to bipolar technology the current flow is confined to the treatment area. The use of neutral electrodes is not required, making the procedure safer compared to monopolar systems. If two or more applicators are connected, the system works in multipolar mode. Under microprocessor control, the current flows between all possible electrode combinations resulting in bigger coagulations volumens, which allows the therapy of large tumours.  

RCAP Technology

The integrated resistance controlled automatic power algorithm (RCAP) provides for an average power output which is automatically adjusted based on tissue resistance measurements under therapeutic conditions. This allows an optimal energy deposition and minimised procedure time. Manual control of the power level is not necessary.

CELONProSurge applicator


  • Primary and secondary liver tumours
  • Renal tumours
  • Lung metastases
  • Bone tumors and metastases

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