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> Anesthesic depth monitorisation

The monitorisation of the patients is mandatory in the operating room and the in the reanimation area.

The use of anesthetic depth monitors can guide us in the dosage of anesthetics, avoiding underdosing and decreasing the incidence of DIO (intraoperative awareness) and preventing and reducing costs and overdose side effects.

Narcotrend® is an equipment that detects the effect of anesthetics on the brain collects and processes the brain's electrical activity, and converts this electrical signal, through mathematical algorithms, a recognizable index.


  • Automatic Classification of EEG during anesthesia and sedation in real time.
  • Integration for neonatal monitoring.
  • Bluetooth for better data transfer and integration into other monitoring systems.
  • USB port for data downloading and printing.
  • The low weight and long battery life make it fully mobile and easy to use.
  • The data is updated every 20 seconds.
  • At the beginning you have to introduce date of birth of the patient.
  • Automatically checks the impedance.
  • EMG Index.
  • Holds EEG data.
  • Printing to PDF format.
  • Shift function for trend charts.
  •  2-channel EEG measurement.
  • Automatic classification of EEG.
  • Trends shown: Cerebrogram and cumulative frequency bands.

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