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> Limax® ND YAG laser pumped for diods

ND YAG laser pumped for diods with a wave length of 1318nm for endobronchial and parenchyma lung surgery. Laser for vaporize, coagulate and seal lung parenchyma in lung metastasis surgery.

The symbiosis between solid state laser and diode laser: the two -in-one solution .

The innovative technology Nd:YAG diode pumped is a clear improvement on the techniques available right now. With the introduction of the Limax® 120 the surgeon has a laser system that combines the excellent beam quality and high power densities of solid lasers with high efficiency diode laser state. In addition to this , we must add laser technology with a wavelength of 1,318 nm , ideal for surgery of the lung parenchyma .

Due to its specific wavelength of 1,318 nm , and its absorption coefficient in water and corresponding hemoglobin, Limax® can ideally combine the effects of the excision , coagulation and sealing tissue , thereby controlling the two main essential factors  when works in the lung parenchyma : bleeding and air leak .

The use of laser technology has been imposed especially on the resection of multiple metastases. The optimal water absorption coefficient of hemoglobin, which only occurs in this way at this wavelength perfectly combines the effects of resection, tissue coagulation and sealing, so that the healthy tissue may be stored at maximum. And is that the Limax ® can operate what before it was inoperable. Even more, even if they appear recurrences, interventions can be repeated. For the patient, that means optimal treatment outcomes with little impact on their quality of life.

In addition to the clinical advantages, the use of laser has also been credited from the economic point of view, allowing significant savings in disposables chapter (e.g. mechanical sutures and fibrin sealant). But above all, the increasing number of operable patients make laser technology also highly interesting not only from the economic perspective also because it makes possible to operate those cases believed inoperable.


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