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> Quality and Regulatory Affairs Department

It is responsible for the Quality Assurance, Environmental Management and Health Regulation areas according to Management Policy of Palex Group.

  • Quality Assurance and Environmental Management: in order to maintain and update the Management System implemented according to the standards ISO9001 and ISO14001 it is necessary to centralize the basic information and to facilitate access to this information. The Department manages audits and system reviews to determine the achievement of quality and environmental targets, treatment of incidents, resource plans and other aspects.
  • Health Regulation and CE Mark: it is responsible for drawing up and surveillance of health registration documents for products, systems and facilities, and also the achievement of the CE Mark for some devices with trademarks property of Group Palex, interpreting applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Other regulatory aspects: it coordinates suppliers, manufacturers and external agencies with the Marketing and Logistics areas in the regulatory aspects involving products, processes and procedures, taking part in market surveillance and alerts.

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