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With the relentless pace of technological progress, the complexity of new equipment, the implementation of new therapies and the requirement for continual specialization by medical professionals, it is vital to have the technical support to solve any eventuality and have guaranteed access to the successive upgrades of each device, system or program used.

Our TAS was created to fulfill this need, an organization specializing solely in the areas of information, training, counseling, systems upgrading and Technical Assistance Service for all the equipment and devices marketed by the Palex Medical.

Our TAS ensures servicing and repair for all the equiment we distribute, also offering round-the-clock technical assistance for those devices that require immediate attention.

One of its units, In Vitro Diagnostics Technical Assistance Service, is responsible for the diagnostic analyzers in vitro exclusively.

Contact with Service


Service contact form

TAS: + 34 900 181 753
Diagnostics: + 34 900 506 930
Fax: + 34 934 006 501

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