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> Installation of the Dyane SmartCabinet at the Andorra Hospital


Palex Hospital Automation team in collaboration with the Division of Surgery and Interventional Therapies have installed an RFID Smart Cabinet at the Nuestra Señora de Meritxell Hospital, in Andorra

Palex Medical has installed a Dyane SmartCabinet in the surgical area of the Nuestra Señora de Meritxell Hospital in Andorra, for the automated traceability and logistics control of laparoscopic instrument.


Dyane SmartCabinet is an advanced system for the stock management of high-cost supplies, which provides security, traceability all the way to patient or procedure, and a comprehensive stock control. In addition, it automates administrative processes and eliminates most of the clerical tasks associated to the stock and logistics management, thus effectively freeing time of clinical staff.


The cabinet comes with a proprietary software for inventory management, which optimizes the control of stocks and seamlessly integrates into any Hospital Information System, facilitating the access to key information for an effective decision-making.


Dyane Smart Cabinet offers an improved management of materials and optimizes financial resources, thanks to the availability of precise real-time information, which leads to an increased quality of healthcare.

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