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> Palex Medical at the XVII “Revisiones en Cáncer” Symposium 2015


From February 11th to 13th took place de the XVII “Revisiones en Cáncer” Symposium 2015 in Madrid

Palex Medical's Oncology Division has participated in the XVII “Revisiones en Cáncer” Symposium 2015 coordinated by Prof. Eduardo Diaz Rubio ( This year the leitmotiv of the meeting is "Medical Treatment of Cancer in 2015 "


Palex Medical was present promoting the Oncotype DX® breast cancer assay, since the aim of the symposium was focused on establishing a discussion forum for medical oncology on the state of the art of the medical treatment of solid tumors.

Dr. Joan Albanell was asked to talk about genomic platforms. In the interview published in the newsletter of the symposium, Dr. Albanell confirms that Oncotype DX assay is the only multi-gene assay that provides predictive information to predict the magnitude of benefit of the chemotherapy identifying the patients who are likely, or unlikely, to benefit from chemotherapy.

The congress has been a high scientific level event, where Spanish Medical Oncology professionals meet and share knowledge.

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