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> Palex Medical has participated in a new edition of Arab Health Exhibition in Dubai


Palex Medical has recently participated in 40th edition of Arab Health Exhibition & Congress, which took place in Dubai from 26th to 29th January 2015.

In its second participation in the exhibition, Palex showed its automated logistics solutions, targeting the highly potential markets of Middle East.

Arab Health Exhibition & Congress is the most important professional healthcare meeting in the Middle East region. In its first participation, Palex showed its Dyane SmartCabinet and Dyane SmartKanban solutions, as well as the new smart prototypes of bin and shelf.

At the booth, several live presentations of the solutions have taken place. These presentations have proved the remarkable advantages of Palex solutions in the management of hospital logistics. Attendees had the opportunity to see the added value that Palex solutions offer compared with traditional systems and those of its competitors.

These solutions include Dyane SmartCabinet, a restricted-access system of smart cabinets, based on RFID technology, for the management, control and storage of high-value supplies. Dyane SmartKanban, a system of panels and mailboxes based on radiofrequency to automate the management of inventory and orders in hospital wards. Also, other new smart prototypes of bin and shelf, for the control over the cost per procedure and information on the material consumed per service and for the reagent stock control in clinical laboratories, were shown.

As part of Palex Medical strategic plan for international expansion, Arab Health has been the first step in the development of a distributors network in the Middle East.

The reiterated success of the venue is a key achievement in Palex’s path to become a high-value logistic solutions provider in the healthcare sector.

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