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> Welcome to the webinar "Bladder EpiCheck" organized by Palex Medical


Welcome to the webinar “Bladder EpiCheck para una monitorización precisa y no invasiva del cáncer de vejiga” (6th October at 17.30h). From Oncology División of Palex Medical, we organize a webinar in order to analyze the implementation of Bladder EpiCheck in the clinical practice of several European hospitals.

The contents analyze the good performance of Bladder EpiCheck from different points of view. Prof. Witjes (Radboud Medical Center, NL) will explain the role of the biomarkers in the following-up of patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, focusing in the implementation of Bladder Epicheck as “standard of care” in his hospital, Prof. Carballido (H. Puerta del Hierro, ES) and Dr. Serrallach (H. Bellvitge, ES) will share their own experiences with the biomarker in a public hospital, Dr. Guerrero will give us a picture about the use of Bladder EpiCheck in his private activity and Dr. Parada, who will share with us his vision as a pathologist.

The register, which is free, is possible by means of the link: Webinar Bladder EpiCheck. The invitation is led to urologists, hospital managers and pathologists who are interested in implementing the test, but also to those of you with scientific curiosity. And of course, do not hesitate in spreading the message to all your contacts. Thank you very much!

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