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> Seminar on "Functional Coronary Angiography"


On June 17th Palex Medical participated in seminar "Functional Coronary Angiography" seminar organized by Dr. Javier Escaned and his team, Dr. Hernán Mejía-Rentería and Dr. Lin Wang at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (Madrid).

The term of functional coronary angiography is used to describe those techniques that allow estimating the relevance of stenosis based on a digital analysis of angiographic images that also includes a simulation of the hemodynamic impact such coronary narrowing.

During the first part of the day some basic concepts of this technique, its scientific evidence and clinical applicability were presented. In the second part of the seminar, a new technology was introduced: FlashAngioTM caFFR, Suzhou Rainmed Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

This new system allows to obtain a precise measurement of the FFR Fractional Coronary Flow Reserve in a non-invasive way from angiographic images and a 3D reconstruction of the vessel without the need of adenosine neither pressure guide.

It was a privilege to count on the experience of Dr. Escaned and his team. Thank you very much for participating

The link of the event will be posted soon.

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