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> Participation of Palex Medical in the Pig-Lab organized by Biom'up in Vienna


On April 10 and 11, 2019, the MIS Surgery Line of Palex Medical assisted, along with a large group of Spanish doctors, the Pig-Lab organized by Biom'up in the city of Vienna (Austria).

During the conference several scientific activities (lectures, presentations and debates) and a Pig-Lab (practices of surgeries in pigs) were carried out in the operating rooms of the Medical University of Vienna, with the assistance of medical specialists in General and Digestive Surgery (Coloproctology and Hepatic) and sales representatives from Spain, France, Germany, Holland and the Czech Republic.

Founded in 2005, Biom’up develops hemostatic products based on patented biopolymers designed to simplify traditional and laparoscopic surgical procedures in numerous specialties.

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