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> Big success of the First Symposium Workshop on PICC-PORT organized by Palex


On the occasion of the celebration of the National Congress of Vascular Access and with the invaluable collaboration of the Professor Sergio Bertoglio, the Critical Care Division of Palex Medical organized the first Symposium workshop in Spain about the PICC-PORT technique.

Coinciding with the launching of the new line of Vascular Access of Palex Medical, the last November 14th took place the first Symposium devoted to the PICC-PORT in SEINAV (National Congress of Vascular Access). Organized by the Critical Care Division, the Professor Sergio Bertoglio gave a spectacular masterclass titled MÁS ALLÁ DEL PICC.

The PICC-PORT is a new technician that allows the canalization of central roads of subcutaneous access but with insertion of subcutaneous reservoir, but with peripheral insertion (from the arm).

Generally the patients that require of treatments with hyperosmolar medications like the chemotherapies, require of the insertion of subcutaneous reservoirs. This, represents one of the best options already was by comfort, security or by the low index of infections. But often they exist contraindications by which opts  by the  PICC catheters (Central catheters  of peripheral insertion), that represent an option with many less complications that the classical central catheters. But, if we could combine the advantages of both technicians in an alone product? The Dr. Bertoglio, one of the most recognized figure in this area, with more than 20 years of experience in the insertion of reservoirs in the University Hospital of Genova, and member of the societies WoCoVa, AVA and GaVeCeLT explained in an expectant room, full and enabled especially to receive to extra number of interested congressmen like making the technician, as well as advantages and indications of this.

Critical Care Division has carried out to finals of the 2019 the launching of all a new catalogue of vascular access that include all the complete range of  PICC, PORTS and peripheral access that allow give each solution to the real need of the hospitals and patient.

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