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> New Palex visual identity


The entry of new shareholders such as Corpfin Capital into the Palex group marks a new stage in the history of the company founded by Hans Knuth more than 60 years ago.

To project this new era we have changed our visual identity for a new image that embodies the solidity, precision and projection of a leading and innovative group that, far from being satisfied with being another provider of sanitary material, works tirelessly to become a global supplier of solutions in the health sector.

On the basis of consolidated and strong foundations we enter a new phase of development and growth, where the constant search for innovation makes us experts to drive changes in our sector.

These attributes are projected in a renewed image to better communicate the current positioning of the group, harmonizing the assets of the company with the image and culture of Palex. Our business group already exceeds 500 employees, covers more than 45 specialties and facilitates products and services at national and international levels.

In short, a new image that accompanies Palex as an innovative company, expert in providing answers and providing global solutions, constantly offering the latest advances and continuous improvements, without forgetting that its goal is to be on the side of patients and healthcare professionals.


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