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> Rol and experiencies in hemoadsorption in COVID-19 and other indications


Rol and experiencies in hemoadsorption with the divinylbenzene/polyvinylpyrrolidone pearls in COVID-19 and other indications. On February 18 will take place the Precision Intensive Medicine in ICU Webinar, with the participation of several experts on hemoadsorption therapy with Cytosorb®, the most widely-proven and widely used cytokine adsorbent in Europe.

The Clinical Control Division at Palex, with the endorsement of SEMICYUC (Spanish Society of Intensive, Critical Medicine and Coronary Units), organizes the first multicenter symposium on hemoadsorption in patients with COVID-19 and other inflammatory pathologies.

Systemic inflammation is one of the biggest challenges in intensive care units. The responsible molecules have been especially insidious in COVID-19 and, as was already known, in septic patients, with CRS, in endocarditis, pancreatitis and other serious inflammatory pathologies. One of the most effective techniques to reduce the severity of patients is hemoabsorption with Cytosorb®, the most widely known and well-known cytokine adsorbent in Europe.

On February 18, for the first time in Spain, we will be able to listen to a multicenter symposium on the use of this therapy in the ICUs of our country during 2020. We will have the most prestigious speakers: Dr. García Montesinos (University Complex of Navarra), Dr. Ruiz Rodríguez (Clinical Head of the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital ICU), Dr. Canabal Berlanga (Head of Service of the Hospital La Princesa). Moderated by Dr. González de Molina (Coordinator of the GT of Nephrological Intensive Care of SEMICYUC).

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