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> Webinar "Bladder EpiCheck for non-invasive monitoring of bladder cancer"


Now available the video of the webinar “Bladder EpiCheck para una monitorización precisa y no invasiva del cáncer de vejiga”. On Tuesday October 6th, Palex Medical organized the multi-disciplinary webinar addressed to urologists, pathologists and hospital managers in order to approach the following-up of bladder cancer from different points of view.

The content of the speeches, performed by prestigious urologists and pathologists associated to clinical research at national and international level, was the most valued aspect by over 100 attendees with a score of 4.4 out of 5.

The questions and answers session, moderated by Dr. Guerrero (HM Hospitales y ROC Clinic, ES), was highly interesting and some questions were answered in a private mode due to the lack of time.

The conclusions of the event were focused on the use of biomarkers in routine for the following-up of non-invasive bladder cancers, an essential tool for the urologist and the health system, as Prof Carballido (H. Puerta del Hierro, ES) and Dr. Serrallach (H. Bellvitge, ES) explained, but also for the pathologist according to Dr. Parada’s words (H. Sant Joan de Reus) and on top of that, for the patient, fully explained by Prof. Witjes (Radboud Medical Center, NL).

For those of you who could not attend to the event, you can access to the complete video of the event, which contains subtitles in English and Spanish, by means of the link:

We take the advantage to thank you for your assistance as well as for spreading the messages, in person or sharing all the information in your social nets. Thanks again!

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