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> Bladder EpiCheck™ is here to stay


This is the final comment in the Urological Pathology round table in SEAP 2019.

The National Congress from the Spanish Society of Pathological Anatomy (SEAP) included the oral communication of Bladder EpiCheck in the round table dedicated to Urological Pathology, presented by Dr. Parada, Uropathologist in Hospital Sant Joan de Reus.

The presented results, a collaboration project between Pathological Anatomy (SEAP) and Urology Departments, were focused in the implementation of the genomic test in routine in the hospital. Dr. Parada presented his own treatment protocol, which showed non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer patients to who a cytology and a Bladder EpiCheck was performed as first control. In case of a negative result, a first cystoscopy was saved until the following control.

The final comment of the round table, moderated by Dra. De Torres (uropathologist from Hospital Vall d’Hebron) was: “It is clear that Bladder EpiCheck is here to stay”.

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