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> Palex Medical SA and SYNLAB Diagnósticos Globales launch a campaign called “BE SAFE”


“BE SAFE” campaign has been launched by Oncology Division from both companies (belonging Diagnostic and Laboratory Area in Palex) in order to offer to the healthcare professionals the possibility to continue with the following-up of those bladder cancer patients who cannot be submitted to a cystoscopy.

In this major force situation generated by Covid-19, most Spanish Urology Services have some restrictions in the cystoscopy performance for monitoring those patients who have been previously diagnosed with bladder cancer. For this reason, the possibility of having a biomarker, which helps controlling the tumour recurrence of patients without leaving their homes and therefore not having the need of visiting a hospital, is more needed than ever.

Bladder EpiCheck® allows detecting the presence of tumour cells with a high sensitivity and specificity (92% and 88%), resulting in a negative predictive value of 99%. Thus, it is a based on urine test, which could be collected at patients home or just visiting an external laboratory.

With this solution, we would like to reiterate our compromise  with healthcare professionals being closer to them than ever.

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