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> Bladder EpiCheck, one of the main characters of EAU 2019


In the context of the European Urology Congress (EAU 2019), Bladder EpiCheck was presented in an oral communication inside a high level Symposia organized by Nucleix.

Bladder EpiCheck industry session joined some international prestigious urologists: Prof. Witjes (Holland), Dr. Lerner (Texas), Prof. Bassi (Roma), Dra.  D’Elia (Bolzano), Prof. Miano (Roma) and Dr. Breda (Barcelona). The focus of the session was the experience in routine of the test in order to conclude that: “Bladder EpiCheck does fulfill an unmet need (…) and, applied to the clinical practice will save patient and urologist burden and costs”. (Dr. Breda).

From another side, Bladder EpiCheck poster, presented by Dr. Lozano, was an update of the pivotal study (already published), and selected as one of the bests in EAU 2019. The test was shown as a safe alternative to cystoscopy for following-up Bladder Cancer patients.

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