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> Expert course on laser applications in lung oncological surgery


This expert course on laser applications in lung oncological surgery has been organized by Dr. Genaro Galán Gil Chief of the Thoracic Surgery Unit of “Hospital Universitario de Valencia”.

Invited speakers:


  • Dr. Graeter. Chief Klinik Für Thorax und Gefäbchirurgie. Klinic Löwenstein. Germany.
  • Dr. Ladas. Consultant Thoracic Surgeon. Royal Brompton Hospital London. UK.
  • Professor Garcia Yuste. Chief of Thoracic Surgeon. Clinic University Hospital Valladolid. Professor of Thoracic Surgery. Valladolid University.
  • Professor Dalmases Moncayo. Professor of Biophysics and Medical Physics. Medical Physics. Medical School. Valencia University.
  • Dr. Belda. Chief of Anesthesia and y Reanimation Service. Professor associated. Medical School. Valencia University.


During course they were performed two life laser surgery and transmission from the operating room by Dr. Graeter and Dr. Galán. All thoracic surgeons participants performed wedge segmentectomy with laser on cadaver.

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