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> Outstanding participation of Palex Medical in the European press conference Oncotype DX®


Hilton Airport. Zurich (Switzerland). 17th of March. Palex Medical took an active part in the press conference of the diagnostic test of Oncotype DX® breast cancer hold on March 17th 2011 at the Hilton Zurich Airport (Switzerland).

Our company took an active part in the press conference of the diagnostic test of Oncotype DX® breast cancer, the 17th of March at the Hilton Zurich Airport (Switzerland). It was organized by the company Genomic Health, responsible for the development of Oncotype DX®. This press conference was held in the framework of the celebration of the 12th International St. Gallen Breast Cancer Conference (16-19th March, St. Gallen, Switzerland) where 9 posters were presented with the European experience with Oncotype DX®.


The press conference was attended by journalists from various European countries (Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Netherlands and Spain), they were from general press and specialized in medicine and areas of health. From Spain went four journalists representing publications "La Vanguardia", "Medical Journal", "PM Farma" and "Doctors and medicine". Dr. Joan Albanell, Chief of Medical Oncology and Director of Cancer Research Hospital del Mar - Parc de Salut MAR de Barcelona, and Ana Maria Ortega, product manager of Oncology Line of Palex also attended.


During the press conference the results of several studies of Oncotype DX®, conducted in different European countries, were presented. As Principal Investigator of the Spanish Study, Dr. Albanell, introduced TransGEICAM prospective study conducted in 107 patients. This study has shown that data from the "Recurrence Score®" (RS) of Oncotype DX® have a significant impact on decisions about the treatment of women with breast cancer at early stages in Spain. In particular, knowing the RS of a patient, the recommendations of oncologists change on the treatment to be administered in 31.8% of cases, similar to the studies previously performed in the U.S.


The Oncotype DX® diagnostic test, developed by the U.S. company Genomic Health, is distributed in Spain by our company Palex Medical. Who is working in order that the test is well known among oncologists for its gradual implementation in the public health system and private. It also is providing extensive information on the test to the press in medicine and health and general media, so that the public also knows the benefits of its use in the treatment of breast cancer.

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