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> Launch of ‘Perceval S’, the new and innovative sutureless aortic heart valve


Cardiovascular Surgery Division of Palex Medical is going to launch on march the new and innovative self-anchoring aortic heart valve Perceval S.

Sorin Group, a leader company in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, has announced on January the 31st, the commercial availability in Europe of Perceval S, the first and unique aortic heart valve with self-anchoring frame which allows to implant it in a two minutes time.


Palex Medical has got the Perceval S exclusivity for all over Spain, due to his great work done since a lot of years.


Perceval S, is a biological valve of bovine pericardium which is mounted on a super-elastic alloy frame. It represents the latest innovation in heart valve technology.


Perceval S is an excellent alternative on the conventional cardiac surgery patients with a medium-high and high risk and also on MIS surgery


Clinical results on the first 180 patients implanted with Perceval S show a significant reduction in surgical procedural time by at least 50%.


To date, 25 cardiac surgery centers throughout Europe have implanted the Perceval S valve in over 500 total patients as part of the pre-commercialization clinical studies.


Cardiovascular Surgery Division, foresees the Perceval S launch on March and a teoric-practical training will be done in Salugia, the Sorin Group manufacture center, in order to do it in a right and good way.


Perceval S is a revolutionary technology on the heart surgery which will enhance the cardiac surgery practice and advance the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

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