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> Health Resources Division attended to the Congress organized for ANECORM, held in Cordoba


Once again Palex Medical attended to the Congress organized for “National Association of Nursing Health Resources Equipment Coordinator". The Conference was held in Cordoba City, from 10 to 12 November in Cordoba Palace of Congresses.

The slogan in the 4th Congress of ANECORM was "The Efficiency of Leadership". During the conference held a variety of activities for attendees, the most interesting themed areas were:


1 Contributions to Reinvent our Hospitals: “Nursing - Key element to transforming Health System".

2 Continuity of Caring, continuity of Products.

3 How to ensure quality, efficiency and Resources Sustainability?

4 Channels for innovation: How should occur Provider - Customer Communication?

5 Strategic Models to serve Health Resources Equipment efficiency.


The latter had a heated discussion and a lot of attendees in relation to the Provincial Technical Committees, which will soon be implemented in the “Andalucia Health Service”.

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