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> During the 35th ESMO Congress, celebrated in Milan, there has been a Spanish study of Oncotype DX® (breast cancer test that distributes Palex Medical)


During the poster session, Dr. Joan Albanell presented the study conducted in collaboration with other GEICAM oncologists on the use of Oncotype DX in clinical decision making in women with early stage breast cancer.

The primary objective of the study, “Prospective transGEICAM study of Oncotype DX® in clinical decision making in women with estrogen receptor-positive node-negative breast cancer”, presented during the ESMO congress, has been characterize the impact of Oncotype DX® in adjuvant therapy decision-making in a cohort of consecutive patients with node-negative, ER+, HER2 negative breast cancer from hospitals affiliated with the Spanish Group of Cancer Research (GEICAM). Treatment recommendation changed for 36 (31.8%) of 107 the women after results of Oncotype DX assay were known.

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