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> 59th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy (SEFH)


Palex organizes a symposium during the 59th National Congress of the SEFH, held in Valladolid between the 30th of September and the 3rd of October

More than 60 Managers of Hospital Pharmacy attent to the symposium "The future of Automation in Hospital Pharmacy", organized by the Automation and Engineering Division of Palex Medical.

The symposium was presented by the Dr. Juan Selva, Head of the Pharmacy Service at Hospital General of Alicante and also Technical Advisor of Medicines and Medical Devices of the Valencia Regional Government's Health Ministry. The speakers were the Dr. Paz Pacheco Ramos, Hospital Pharmacy Specialist of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos of Madrid, and Dr. Julien Jouglen, Pharmacien hospitalier – Responsable de la plateforme logistique du CHU de Toulouse. 

Dr. Juan Selva introduced the symposium reviewing the level of automation in the Hospital Pharmacy sector. Dr. Selva also commented among the trends and future perspective of the Automation in Spain, outlining the growing use of automated solutions for the medication logistics both for internal patients, by using automated dispensing cabinets and computerized carts, and for external patients, by using automated systems for the preparation and dispensation of medication.

The Dr. Paz Pacheco presented the "Robotized elaboration of cytostatics", where she exposed the experience at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos of Madrid using the Apotecachemo robot, which was the first automated robot for cytotstatics preparation installed in Spain. Dr. Pachecho not only explained the operation of the Apotecachemo, but also explained its main benefits, outlining the increased security for both patients and clinicians.

Read more about Dr. Paz Pacheco's experience in her post at the Apoteca Community blog.

Dr. Julien Jouglen presented the last conference "Fully automated process to produce personalized therapies in unit dose", where he discussed in detail about the Athena equipment, an automated solution for preparation of unit dose medication.

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