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> Palex Medical and FIDISP Foundation collaborate in the improvement of patient safety


Palex Medical has signed a collaboration agreement with Foundation for Research, Education and Innovation in Patient Safety (FIDISP)

Palex Medical has signed an agreement with FIDISP Foundation to jointly develop innovation projects focused on the improvement of patient safety in the hospital setting.


Joan Altimiras, CEO of FIDISP, and Xavier Carbonell, CEO of Palex Medical, executed the agreement on October 25th, and declared that their “our common aim is to improve the patient safety through the use of the most advanced technologies”.


As per the agreement, Palex Medical will provide its support to FIDISP in training activities, as well as conferences, meetings and other events, offering its know-how on technology applied to patient safety. In turn, FIDISP will help Palex in the deployment of pilot projects and the development of new products and solutions for the safety of in-hospital patients.


As an immediate result of this collaboration, Palex Medical participated last October in a conference entitled “Healthcare Law, Economy and Patient Safety”, organized by FIDISP. The conference included the participation of reputed speakers, such as Mr. Carlos Aibar or Mr. Fernando Álava. Mr. Aibar is the head of the Preventive Medicine Service at the University Hospital Lozano Blesa in Zaragoza (Spain) and is an opinion leader in patient safety and public health. Mr. Fernando Álava is Head of the Patient Safety Promotion Service of the Healthcare Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya (regional government), and explained the development of functional units of patient safety based on the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) model.


Also, Mr. Roger Hostalot, an expert in RFID technology from the Palex Medical team, contributed to the conference. Mr. Hostalot’s speech focused on innovation in patient safety and the key role RFID technology can play.


In this regards, Mr. Hostalot showed how RFID technology is one of the most important tools in the quest for the improvement of in-hospital patient safety.


From the myriad of applications of this technology in hospitals, Mr. Hostalot highlighted the control of hands cleaning. Only the proper compliance of hands cleaning protocols has the potential to reduce by 50% unwanted hospital infections. It has been shown than the implementation of RFID-base systems can significantly increase compliance, and quality indicators can be established so as to make decisions that reduce the incidence of infections.


Another significant application is the patients’ identification and traceability system, which allows for the monitoring of each individual patient throughout the different steps of a surgical procedure. It can monitor times, tests conducted as well as patient location, while seamlessly integrating the information into the hospital information system.


Also, newborn safety can be improved through RFID. By implementing this solution, the hospital can achieve a high level of control in the maternity area on newborn location and handling.


Palex Medical and FIDISP are committed to further improve existing applications and to find new ways to enhance patient safety and the efficiency of hospital management.





FIDISP is a Spanish, private, non-profit foundation belonging to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. The main purposes of FIDISP are:


• To promote research, education and innovation initiatives aimed to the continued improvement of patient safety.


• To collaborate with professionals, healthcare facilities, public administrations, citizens’ and professional organizations, and other institutions in the healthcare sector, both public and private, whose main aim is the promotion of patient safety.


• To promote research and ensure the transfer of knowledge in the field of patient safety.


• To encourage society and the Administration to improve Safety and Quality in healthcare services.

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