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> ARROW workshop in the Universitat de Girona (Girona)


The Orthopedics Division, in collaboration with the Universitat de Girona, organized a workshop to present the total anatomic prosthesis tecniques, reversed and glenoid reconstruction

The course was held the past 5th of April in the Faculty of Medicine of the Universitat de Girona (UdG), with the participation of Dr. Jean Kany, a renowned surgeon from Toulouse (France) specialized in shoulder surgery. The Anatomy and Embriology Department of the UdG also participated in the course.


The event was attended by 15 trauma surgeons specialized in the upper limb, coming from different Spanish hospitals such as the Hospital Universitario Reina Sofía (Córdoba), Hospital La Paz (Madrid), Hospital de Mataró, Hospital Universitario Lucus Augusti (Lugo), Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Santiago, Hospital Infanta Cristina y el Hospital Marqués de Valdecilla (Santander).


At the event, the Anatomy and Embriology Department of the university presented the theorical part to explain the different approach. Afterwards, Dr. Kany presented about the design, advantages and history of the ARROW prostheses and his experience operating using these techniques. The assistents highlighted their interest in the glenoid reconstruction technique using a universal metalback anatomical prosthesis unique in the market. After the theorical part, assistants had the opportunity to test the different anatomical, reversed and glenoid recontruction prostheses techniques under the close supervision of Dr. Kany and his team.


“The workshop has been really useful, very practical. We have learnt a lot in such a short time, and Dr. Kany has exposed it very clearly”, states Dra. Pilar Uceda, from the Hospital Reina Sofía (Córdoba).


The ARROW system is a set of solutions that make it possible for surgeons to choose or review their choice of shoulder prosthesis in the OR.


Faculty of Medicine, Universitat de Girona (spanish)


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