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> Intel’s breakfast 2013: New technologies improving patient service and care


Palex Medical and Intel organized a presentation of their solutions for patient service and health professionals in the Alimara Hotel in Barcelona


Palex and Intel presented different solutions intended to improve safety and efficiency in clinical processes (from the bedside to operating theatres), as well as to improve access to medical information,patient entertainment and patient care. Professionals from different hospitals in Catalonia attended to the event, for instance professionals from the Hospital del Mar, the Hospital Vall d'Hebron, the Clínica Sagrada Família, theHospital de Mataró and the Hospital de Bellvitge, among others.


During the event Palex presented the Dyane SmartCabinet system, a smart restricted-access cabinet with RFID technology for the management of high-cost materials or materials with high traceability requirements. After the SmartCabinet’s presentation, attendees had the chance to test the cabinet, and to see some of the benefits that the system can offer. For instance, making inventories in around 5 seconds, making an authomatic recording of material removals, recording patients for whom the materials were intended, and allowing an optimized traceability management, both of users and materials, among other benefits.

The attendees highlighted its reliability, the internal organization capacity of the cabinet and its user-friendliness, specially for the nursery staff, as the main advantages of the system.


On the other hand, there was a presentation of different multimedia entertainment solutions for patient as well as for patient care. One of these is klinicMedia, an integrated solution that offers leisure services such as television, radio, videoclub and Internet for patients, while at the same time optimizes some clinical processes like diet choices, incident warnings or hospital bed capacity. It also allows access at bedside to different clinical applications, as well as the integration of i-BEDs, a solution to measure patient’s vital signs and authomatic recording to the patient’s madical history. The range of solutions also includes klinicPlus, a solution of multimedia television based on IPTV technology that offers custom leisure services, and klinicTV, a solution for television and prepaid phone calls.


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