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> Palex Medical in the meeting of National Association of Nursing Health Resources Equipment Coordinator


Once again Palex Medical attended to the Congress of “National Association of Nursing Health Resources Equipment Coordinator”.

The Conference of ANECORM was held in Madrid City, from 24 to 26 October. Clinical Care & Nephrology Division of Palex Medical attended the Congress as an Exhibitor.


This Congress edition aimed to bring together all the Assistants involved in manufacturing, logistics, management, consumption and disposal of medical devices, to exchange ideas and discuss issues that help innovation and quality improvement, safety and efficiency of healthcare products, putting in value their contribution Social, for The Public Health, teamwork of these agents.


Importantly, Nurses Health Resources Equipment, as a link and "translator" between such different areas, adding value to Healthcare Organizations, the strategic position they occupy in them, including management, attendance and Industry.


As important topics discussed at this conference were: The Sustainability and Efficiency in the Medical Devices Purchase; Innovation and Quality in Depression time; regulation of Medical devices and Classification and Safety Products and Sanitary waste.

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