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> First PROPHECY pre-operative navigation guides case to perform a Medial Pivot knee arthroplasty in Hospital La Paz


Last December 19th patient especific resection guides for Medial Pivot prothesis were use for the first time in Spain, in Hospital La Paz, Madrid.

For the past 30-years, total knee arthroplasty has suffered changes and evolutions regarding prosthetic designs and instruments development towards less invasive options. Nevertheless, most of the systems were based on intramedullary canal penetration and alignment with obscured anatomic landmarks.


Palex introduces a new vision regarding navigation of "traditional" knee thanks to the creation of pre-operative navigation resection guides customized for every patient. System PROPHECY reduces surgical steps and simplifies surgery contributing precision and accuracy.


By loading pre-operative CT scan into a computer, the knee is virtually aligned with unobscured anatomic landmarks, following surgeons’ preferences and without invasion of the IM canal. Once surgeon approves the case online, patient specific PROPHECY resection guides are then manufactured, so Medial Pivot knee can be permored with no need to penetrate IM canal. The above mentioned guides are made of high resolution nylon and they are sterilized in the same way as traditional instruments. They reduce surgical steps and in addition, provide the size, positioning and alignment of components.


Surgery run successfully, and more over bearing in mind that the patient had a total hip prothesis in the same low extremity, which made impossible femoral canal penetration; so PROPHECY resection guides facilitated surgery.

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