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> New Aortic Biological Valve Mitroflow DL with an Anti-calcification Treatment


The Cardiovascular Surgery Division arranged a meeting with 30 cardiac surgeons in Peñafiel in order to present the new aortic biological valve Mitroflow DL with an anti-calcification treatment.

Besides the Spanish speakers as Dr. J. J. Cuenca Castillo, from Hospital Universitario Juan Canalejo, Dr. S. J. Cánovas López, from Hospital General Universitario de Valencia and Dr. R. Arcas Meca, from Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, relying on Roberto Lorusso, M.D., an expert cardiac surgeon on biological valves at Brescia and on Prof. Gaetano Thiene, professor on cardiovascular pathology at Padua university and expert on biological valves anti-calcification treatments at the meeting.


The PRT is a patented chemical process that removes phospholipids from tissue using octanediol, a long chain alcohol, composed by ethanol and HEPES, a non-phosphate sodium salt, reducing potential calcium binding sites.


Several in-vitro tests, have showed that the Mitroflow DL biocompatibility, mechanical properties and hydrodynamic performance are the same as the ones from Mitroflow LX.


On the other hand, in-vivo studies in animal models, have demonstrated the octanediol treatment effectiveness on preventing the calcification in terms of mineralization and reduction of phospholipid content.

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