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> Presented 11 studies about Oncotype DX® at Sant Gallen Breast Cancer 2015


The 11 Studies presented at the 14th edition of the St. Gallen Breast Cancer Conference, demonstrates the test’s ability to impact treatment decisions with an overall reduction in chemotherapy use

Genomic Health announced the presentation of 11 studies with the Oncotype DX®.breast cancer test at the 14th St. Gallen Breast Cancer Conference in Vienna, Austria. Studies presented include results from a real-life observational study in Ireland  demonstrating significant reductions in chemotherapy and resulting cost-savings when the test is used in early stage breast cancer.

The study included 633 patients and was conducted to analyse both the clinical and budget impact of the test on adjuvant treatment decisions in the first 18 months since reimbursement, using real-world data from all comprehensive cancer centers across Ireland. Overall, the study found that use of the Oncotype DX® test led to a 58% net reduction in chemotherapy use, and net cost savings of around €800,000 from the perspective of the national public payer.

The Oncotype DX®.breast cancer test is the only genomic test validated for its ability to predict the likelihood of chemotherapy benefit as well as risk of recurrence in early-stage breast cancer.

Healthcare systems across Europe are recognising the value of the test, which is incorporated in all major international clinical guidelines.

“We are delighted that healthcare systems across Europe are recognising the value of a personalised approach to breast cancer treatment and, specifically, genomic testing with Oncotype DX®,” said Denis Horgan, Executive Director of the European Alliance for Personalised Medicine - EAPM. “This is encouraging, as decisions based on an individual patient’s needs will help to ensure better patient outcomes. We certainly hope to see such tests becoming part of routine clinical practice in Europe.”

In addition to England and Ireland, the Oncotype DX® breast cancer test is covered in Switzerland through the mandatory health insurance system for all eligible patients as of January 1, 2015 and is reimbursed by the public insurance system in some Spanish regions. 


Ref: 1 Smyth L, Economic Impact of 21-gene Recurrence Score testing on Early Stage Breast Cancer in Ireland. St. Gallen 2015

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