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> XXVI Technical Sterilization Conferences in Barcelona


On the 5th and 6th of May were held in Barcelona the XXVI Technical Sterilization Conferences 2011.

Annually take place these Technical Sterilization Conferences that are directed to personnel of nursery and other type of professionals related to the sterilization departments are celebrated in Barcelona, organized by the Associació Catalana d'Infermeria, and that congregate sanitary personnel of different points from Spain.


The object of these Conferences was:


1.To Discuss different aspects related to the increasing number of sterilization processes due to the progressive change on using DSU materials to reusable dispositive in order to reduce damage environment impact.


2.To expose and argue systems and methodology used to control with traceability all processes to assure best quality of these and minimize professional risks for the employees.


3.To share different professional view related to direct or indirectly on cleaning, preparing and sterilization process equipment in a healthy environment.

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