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> Automated Compounding of Hazardous Drugs

Automation in Hospital Pharmacy takes a step forward thanks to the first Automated Cytostatic Preparation System with CSTD technology.

Equashield® Pro is a robot that automates the preparation of hazardous drugs with the safety of the industry-leading Closed Transfer System (CSTD).

The Equashield® Pro system is designed to be installed in the Clean Room of the Pharmacy in a simple and efficient way thanks to its compact design. The easy integration of the system into the hospital software allows you to preserve pharmacy workflows by optimizing them to the fullest.

Some key features of our system:

  • Equashield Pro is the only automated system working with CSTD, minimizing exposure to dangerous drugs.
  • High production performance thanks to its multi-station approach, to reduce the growing workload allowing a correct optimization of patient care without sacrificing resources.
  • Eliminates dosing errors through the use of Equashield's patented dose verification system. You will avoid using the wrong medicine and any labeling errors during preparation.
  • It is highly versatile and can produce a wide range of patient-specific doses with syringes, I.V. bags, elastomeric pumps and other forms of administration

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