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> Urodynamic equipments

High Tecnology Equipment that combines comfort, safety and precision for studies of cystometry, electromyography, urethral profile, post void residual measurement and biofeedback.


Is a wireless and portable urodynamics system

  • Features:
    • Processor similar to a wireless GPS.
    • Wireless interface for catheters.
    • Wireless flowmeter.

Dorado KT®

High Performance Urodynamics Equipment with 8 mixed  water channels and air and 2 EMG channels. Biofeedback, manometry and optional videourodynamics.

Bladder VU®

It is portable , accurate and easy to use ultrasound system.
Indicated for urologists performing complete urodynamic studies in adults and children, keen to avoid inconvenience to patients and with greater accuracy in the market.


It is a system of re-education of the pelvic floor that allows for EMG biofeedback , biofeedback pressure and electro-therapy in the same session or separately. It provides protocols that may be useful for the treatment of disorders such as incontinence of urge, stress, fecal incontinence, pelvic pain and urinary retention.

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