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> Facial protection

Face masks, filter respirators and eyewear for facial protection.

The facial protection line helps to maintain a safer environment for patients and health workers.

All facial protection is latex free and comfortable to use.

  • Standard Face Mask

3 lays masks with a polypropylene filter. Indicated in surgical procedures without risk of blood exposure. Available with a variety of models including cone masks.

  • Procedures Face Masks

3-lays masks with larger breathing chambers and a band of foam to prevent condensation. Available with special filter for laser surgery.

  • Fluid resistant Face Mask

4-layer masks with filter polypropylene filter and a LONCET® film impervious  to blood. Wide variety of styles with visor and band antiallergic.

  • Particulate Face respirators

3-layer masks with different levels of protection.

  • Eyewear and Face Shield

Glasses and frames for facial protection. They are light weigt and can be worn over prescription glasses.

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