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> Dyane SmartCabinet – Smart cabinets with RFID technology

Dyane SmartCabinet is a restricted-access smart cabinet system based on RFID technology for the management of high-cost material or material with high patient traceability requirements.


  • Cost allocation by patient or operation with batch/series traceability.
  • Product traceability from its receipt at hospital to its registration in surgical procedures.
  • Real-time information on all product movement.

Improved patient safety

  • Control of expired products.
  • Rapid reaction in the event of healthcare product alerts.

Improvements for healthcare personnel

  • Maximum usability for nursing staff and more time available for patient care.
  • Automatic replenishment orders.
  • Elimination of low added-value steps within processes.

Improved inventory management                            

  • Errors due to consumption record management and manual inventory  eliminated.
  • Maximum flexibility in content organization.
  • Time spent on inventory and monitoring expiry dates minimised.

Information use

  • Availability of information for strategic decision making.
  • Easy access to information through management reports.
  • Supplier's inventory reports accessible via website.

Fast return of investment

  • Reduced material loss and controlled access to high-cost materials.
  • Minimised expired product costs.
  • Reduced inventory costs.

Its main application areas within the Hospital are Cath lab, Interventional Radiology and Surgical Block.

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