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Osteoconductive and Osteoinductive Biologic Bone Substitutes for orthopaedics and traumatologist applications.

System designed for the rapid preparation of autologous stem cells and autologous platelet concentrated, enriched with growth factors, for tissue regeneration in different clinical fields.


Demineralized bone matrix with a binding medium of calcium sulfate with large cancellous chips. Also injectable.

Optimizable for spine and trauma

  • BMAC®

Kit for extraction and preparation of inhaled bony marrow in a centrifugal Harvest.

  • PRP®

Autologous platelet concentrate process kit


Autologous thrombin disposable kit

Product List:

  • ALLOMATRIX® Custom
  • BMAC® 60 ml
  • BMAC® 120 ml
  • PRP® 20 ml
  • PRP® 60 ml
  • Autologous thrombin disposable kit

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